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Yammer Integrated with Office 365

Yammer has become the popular social network for the workplace. Yammer provides a discrete network for organizations looking to engage in social network activity without giving employee participants free reign to network with individuals outside their organization, such as with twitter and Facebook.
Many organizations have moved their SharePoint farms to Office 365 – SharePoint Online. The cloud provides an attractive alternative to self-hosting expensive SharePoint infrastructure on premises. The latest wave of SharePoint Online – wave 15 – includes the Newsfeed and social networking capabilities, consistent with on premises SharePoint 2013.
The baked-in social capabilities of SharePoint 2013/Wave 15 are pretty awesome, and with the proliferation of the SharePoint Newsfeed app for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, SharePoint social networking is becoming as ubiquitous as Facebook and Twitter in the mobile-sphere. However, Microsoft has not ignored those organizations that went the Yammer route and use SharePoint Online, as Yammer now integrates with SharePoint Online.
If you log into your SharePoint Online administration portal within your Office 365 tenant and click the settings link, you should see the Yammer integration option at the top of the page. Toggling the Enterprise Social Collaboration from Newsfeed (default) to Yammer, takes about 30 minutes to take effect, after which time users of SharePoint Online see the Newsfeed link replaced with a link to Yammer in the top navigation.

Presently, the integration with Yammer is very loose. The Yammer link in the top navigation redirects users to the www.yammer.com home page, where users can sign-in. Your Organization’s Yammer feed is not yet integrated into your SharePoint Online My Site, and the default Newsfeed remains in place. However, this is just the first phase of roll-out, and Microsoft promises single-sign-on and Yammer feeds integrated into the SharePoint Online user interface in the coming months.

For those that cannot wait, there is a free app that will render Yammer feeds within the SharePoint Online UI, which administrators can download and install from the SharePoint App Store.

My organization – Planet Technologies – uses Yammer (we’re a social bunch), so I am quite excited for the next phase of Yammer integration, which will bring Yammer and SharePoint Online together seamlessly.