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I just created this really cool 360 panorama of the “Family Room” in my
house.  I shot various pictures using my Canon Powershot SD200 and
a tripod.  I then imported the pictures into The Panorama Factory
.  The location in this image was shot as a test to see how
easy I could create 360 degree views (I shot a created this image in
under 30 minutes).  I intend to experiment some more with outdoor
images soon.

Note: You’ll need quick-time to view this panorama.

Photos hosted in nGallery – At Last

For some time now I have been toying with some software that I had
written to host my photos in a photo-album-like presentation. It’s been
this way for over a year now, so I finally decided to use nGallery
instead. At last my photo archive can be viewed with thumbnails and is structured nicely into a albums by type.

Creating the albums and uploading my original pictures to nGallery took
some time, but I think everyone will agree that it was worth the
effort. I’m using version 1.6.1 of nGallery, I did consider using Community Server
to consolidate my blogs and photo albums, but I have made so many
changes to .Text that I didn’t want to go through the effort of
migrating my blogs and loosing my changes.

My favorite feature of nGallery is the ability to order prints on-line using Shutterfly.com.

Canon SD200

I am now a proud owner of a new Canon SD200 ELF digital camera. My old
workhorse Canon S10 has eaten it’s way through two lithium batteries (I
get about 10 shots on a full charge), is out of date by today’s
standards and is also like a brick. My new 3.2 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom SD200 is about the size of a
deck of cards, has better battery technology, has a large LCD screen, can save movies and is just so darn cute.

I picked up my unit for under $300 at Best Buy. I managed to get a
256MB SD card to replace the very small 16MB card that the SD200 ships

I’m not normally one for subscribing to Best Buy’s service plan, but
this time I signed up for $50 because it included 4 free batteries
after the first year of the camera’s life. Lithium batteries are
anywhere from $40, in since I’ve gone through two with my S10 I thought
it a worthy purchase.