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New MSDN Subscription + VS2005

When Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2005 they are planning to role
out 5 new premium MSDN subscriptions types. At this time MSDN Universal
and MSDN Enterprise will no longer be on sale. Existing customers of
Universal and Enterprise subscriptions will be upgraded at no cost to one of the higher premium subscriptions with VS2005 and Team System role-based products.


  Visual Studio 2005 + MSDN Subscription MSDN Subscription
  Team Suite Role-based Team Editions Professional Editions  
Who needs it? Software
Developers building on the Microsoft platform
MSDN Subscription Level Premium Premium Premium Premium Premium Professional Operating Systems Library
Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite              
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects            
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers            
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers            
Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition    
Visual FoxPro    
Support Incidents 4 4 4 4 4 2 2  
MSDN Online Concierge & Newsgroups  
MSDN Library
All Major Microsoft Operating Systems A, B  
SQL Server & SQL Reporting Services (Developer Editions) A    
Broad Range of Windows Server Products A, C      
Visual Source Safe 2005       
Productivity Apps (including Office, Project, Visio) A, D      
Microsoft Business Solutions E      
1 – 4 Licenses
Estimated Retail Price
(per license, 1 year) 1
$10,939 $5,469 $5,469 $5,469 $2,499 $1,199 $699 $199
1 – 4 Licenses
Renewal Price
(per license, 1 year)
$4,598 3 $2,299 4 $2,299 4 $2,299 4 $1,999 5 $799 5 $499 5 $99 5
5+ Licenses
Microsoft Open License Volume Licensing Program 2
(per license, per year for 2 year term)
$6,382 $3,191 $3,191 $3,191 $1,285 $567 $532 N/A

  1. All prices reflect pricing for purchases within the United
    States and are in U.S. dollars. Pricing and availability may vary. The
    prices listed are estimated retail prices; reseller pricing may vary.
  2. Product
    pricing and availability will vary by Volume Licensing program and
    geography. For more information about which program is right for you,
    visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing site or contact your reseller.
  3. Renewal
    pricing for the Visual Studio Team Suite with MSDN Premium
    Subscriptions is only available to customers with active or expiring
    MSDN Premium subscriptions for any of the Visual Studio Team Editions,
    including MSDN Universal or Enterprise Subscribers transitioned into a
    new Visual Studio role based subscription.
  4. Renewal pricing
    for Visual Studio Team Editions for Software Developers, Architects, or
    Testers with MSDN Premium Subscriptions is only available to customers
    with active or expiring subscriptions of the same edition, the Visual
    Studio Team Suite, or MSDN Universal or Enterprise Subscribers
    transitioned into the new Team Edition subscription products.
  5. Renewal
    pricing is available to customers with any type of active or expiring
    MSDN subscription, excluding the MSDN Library subscription. The MSDN
    Library Subscriptions renewal pricing is available to customers with
    any type of active or expiring MSDN Subscription.

  1. Software included in MSDN Subscriptions provides limited usage rights
    for development, testing, and demonstration purposes only. MSDN
    Subscriptions provide the most recent version of these products through
    regular shipments and many previous versions are available from MSDN
    Subscriber Downloads.
  2. All major Microsoft Operating Systems
    includes Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000
    Advanced Server, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional
    Edition, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Media Center 2005.
  3. Broad Range of Windows Server Products
    includes Commerce Server 2002 (Developer Edition); Exchange Server
    2003; Host Integration Server 2004; Application Center 2000 (Developer
    Edition);BizTalk Server 2004 (Developer Edition); Content Management
    Server 2002 (Developer Edition); Identity Integration Server 2003
    (Enterprise Edition); ISA Server 2004; Microsoft Operations Manager
    2005; Office Live Communications Server 2005;SharePoint Portal Server
    2003;Speech Server 2004; Systems Management Server 2003.
  4. One
    copy of Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 can be used for
    general business use, unrelated to development and testing. Only the
    single user with the appropriate MSDN subscription license can use the
    Microsoft Office product in this manner.
  5. Microsoft Business Solutions
    includes Axapta 3.0; CRM 1.2; Great Plains 7.5; Microsoft Business
    Network 1.0 Professional; Navision 4.0; Small Business Manager 7.5;
    Solomon 6.5. Available from MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Customers in North America can request a DVD from MSDN North American Subscription Services. Customers worldwide can contact MSDN customer service to request a DVD.