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Reminiscing with a notepad

I was in a meeting this afternoon and happened to look back through my
ring binder notepad, which I always bring with me (like the diligent
worker I am).  As I looked back through the pages, I realized that
some of the notes were taken back when I used to work for Symbian
in London – that was over 6 years ago before I came to the US!  It
was interesting to read all the entries on my to-do list back then.
Some of the software I worked on is no longer available (probably
shelved somewhere).

Other notes I had written on my notepad included details about moving
to the US, various telephone numbers of places to take my car for
repair in the UK, and a really nice note from my friend Liz, who looked
after my kittens  (now big cats) for a weekend during my first
year in the America.

A most entertaining read during a meeting….

Big Container Ship

Gizmodo posted a note about the OOCL Shenzhen – a huge container ship
that carries electronics hardware from Hong Kong.  The ship is
only manned by 19 crew members because almost all control of the vessel is possible
using a single Windows-based terminal.

I was wondering what happens if Windows crashes? That’s a lot of iron and steal to go off course because of a BSOD.


Rob Scoble mentioned Rocketboom on his blog today (because he happened to be included in today’s vLog), so I decided to check it out….
Amanda Congdon presents a daily video log, which is just a hoot. Check
out last Friday’s vLog about DIY interviewing with Amanda –
I particularly liked Amanda’s comment about George Bush :).

[Ring, Ring] Boom!

Researched at the University of Kent say that the use of cell
phones in gas stations will NOT produce a spark, causing ignition of
fuel vapor on the station forecourt. Most incidents involving such
explosions are due to static electricity discharging from customers
rather than from use of a cell phone.


So… next time you’re stuck in a long line at the pump you’ll be able
to call someone to complain about it, just make sure you’re not wearing
nylon at the time.

Eagle mounted camera

This is really cool. Animal planet is hosting movies taken from miniature cameras strapped to a golden eagle, named Tilly. Tilly lives in the Argyle Hills in Scotland and we get to see first hand what it’s like to be flying on an Tilly’s back as she soars the hills and gets into a dog fight with a buzzard.


Intelsat find satellite again

Looks like Intelsat have found their missing satellite. I read a report in the Post that the satellite, which had lost power, suddenly began signaling Earth, enabling scientists to recover it’s position. The post’s article does not comment on the name of the sat but my earlier post indicated that the missing sat was Intelsat-7.

After the loss of communication, Starband Communications – a McLean satellite Internet service provider, could not provide a net connection to over 1000 customers. Intelsat rerouted the Playboy and Nebraska lottery TV channels to another satellite during the incident.

No Internet, not to worry, we still have porn!