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Real World Pacman

Imagine a world where you could play Pacman for real on your city streets? This is a really popular games of the 80s which everyone loved to play and enjoy all the time.

Eating each ghost in sequence yields more points, but it’s not necessary for completing the level. Once all the dots are eaten, the level is cleared and a new round begins. Unfortunately, other than the game speed increasing and the duration of the energizers decreasing, there is no variation from one stage to the next, so if you find repetition a problem then you’re going to seriously struggle here.

Visually and sonically this isn’t going to turn heads. The arcade original is tremendously basic, but it could be argued that that is part of its charm. Although the NES isn’t exactly a powerhouse in technological terms, this is a fairly faithful port of the coin-op original, so fans will notice pretty much everything is as it should be.

For the people that love games having a real life pac man would be awesome , since there are people that really like games and even get gaming accessories at sites like HotRate online Researchers in Singapore have made this a reality with the help of technologies like GPS, Blue tooth, wi-fi, and virtual reality.  At last, we can all get exercise and fresh air whilst
playing arcade games :).

Link courtesy of the BBC.