Interview Questions for SharePoint Developer Position

See how you do…

Q1. Name two SharePoint API objects you should define to open a site collection and sub web.

Q2. What is the role of the Shared Services provider in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007?

Q3. How man content databases can a site collection span?

Q4. Can a content database contain multiple site collections?

Q5. What SharePoint capability allows navigation access to multiple site collections in a single site collection?

Q6. What is STSADM?

Q7. What is a metadata property in the search configuration?

Q8. What SharePoint capability allows for the use of multiple domain names for the same SharePoint site application?

Q9. What is a SharePoint Feature and how are they deployed?

Q10. Name all 4 feature scope levels

Q11. Name two development approaches to creating a WSP (SharePoint Deployment Package)

Q12. Should you dispose an instance of SPWeb obtained from the ALLWEBS collection of an SPSite object?

Q13. Should you dispose the ROOTWEB object of an SPSite object?

Q14. Should you dispose the site or web objects referenced from SPCONTEXT?

Q15. Your site crashes and SharePoint reports a standard error message after installing some custom code, how would you diagnose the issue?

Q16. How would you apply a common branding to all pages on your publishing sites?

Q17. What feature do page layouts belong?

Q18. How many direct parent content types may a child content type have?

Q19. Comment on why explicit permissions given to list items is bad practice

Q20. Is “Contributors” a SharePoint Group or Permission Level?

Q21. What is the role of the term store?

Q22. Comment how SP2010 no longer uses the SSP, and the new approach to service architecture

Q23. What is the sandbox?

Q24. What is Claims-Based-Authentication?

Q25. What Microsoft Office application allows design and implementation of workflows visually?

5 thoughts on “Interview Questions for SharePoint Developer Position

  1. @SPJeff

    Excellent questions Rob! Thank you for posting this.

    With so much demand in the SharePoint market, many people are saying they are “developers” but lack the full skill set. At least with good interviews questions it’s easier to sort the candidates out.

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    1. Rob Garrett

      I wrote this post some time ago… most of the answers to these questions are on the Internet and in the heads of all good SharePoint developers 😉

  3. Jason Church

    SharePoint features are Farm,Web application,Site,Web And In SharePoint 2010 there are two types of solutions: farm solutions and sandboxed solutions.Sandboxed is the new to SharePoint 2010 and farm solution is as it is.

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