SP2010 Sandbox Development Tip

If you want to make sure that you aren’t using any of the restricted APIs before you deploy your solution to a sandbox environment, manually reference your project against:

[SharePoint Root]UserCodeassembliesMicrosoft.SharePoint.dll  

If your code compiles, then you’re pretty safe!

NEVER DEPLOY code with this Microsoft.SharePoint.dll reference, instead reference the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll in

[SharePoint Root]ISAPI folder.

From the SharePoint 2010 book I’m reviewing

One thought on “SP2010 Sandbox Development Tip

  1. Andreas - SharePoint Tutorial

    Although I understand the concept of sandboxed solutions and their advantages it’s a real pain programming them. E.g. if you create an event receiver how do you log errors? The DiagnosticService isn’t available… and errors aren’t shown at the browser saying that I need to disable “RemoteOnly” in the web.configs custom error settings which didn’t work.

    Do you know a better solution?

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