Top SharePoint

Check out for the latest and greatest list of sites implemented on the SharePoint platform. 

A number of the sites listed were implemented by my current employer – Portal Solutions – who are also listed because our site is hosted in SharePoint.  A couple of the sites were managed and architected by yours truly 🙂

“ showcases some of the world’s best designed SharePoint based web sites from around the world. We carefully select SharePoint web sites based on their usability, design, creativity and ability to incorporate modern techniques. Anyone can submit a SharePoint web site for free and the only requirements we ask for is that your web site is built on SharePoint platform, well designed and original. So, if you developed, or found a SharePoint web site that might meet the above requirements we want to know about it! Please go ahead and submit your website to the TopSharepoint showcase gallery.”

Here’s my offspring, listed in the top 5: