SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Out of Sync

If you ever find yourself in a situation where SharePoint Designer insists that a master page, page layout, or CSS file is checked out and the same file in the SharePoint Gallery is shown as checked in then there is a problem with your SPD web cache.  Attempting to check the file in through SPD gives the error:

“Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer check out or has been deleted.”


Locate the WebsiteCache directory below and delete it:

Vista: %UserProfile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWebsiteCache

Windows 2003/XP: %UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWebsiteCache

10 thoughts on “SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Out of Sync

  1. http://

    This excellent hint only worked after I do the ‘Site’ ‘Site Settings’ ‘Advanced’ ‘Delete (temporary) Files’

  2. http://

    I was having the same problem and tried the above solution and got nowhere.

    What worked for me was to use the full site path while connecting to my site with SPD2007. Initially, I was using “http://localhost” and was getting nowhere with the check-ins, but when I connected with “” things went smashingly.

  3. Peter B

    I’m a little hesitant to do this, considering that there’s nothing but some SharePoint and System.Web Proxy DLLs in there.

    Site/Site Settings/Advanced/Delete didn’t work for me, and I’m already hitting the site by the fully-qualified name.

  4. http://

    Thank you Sean. I was having similar problem and tried your suggestion. It worked! I was actually connected to SharePoint Server using ip-address and i couldn’t check files in. Everytime I tried to check-in I got error message: “…file is not checked-out. blahblahblah…” Then I connected to SharePoint using host name and check in started to work.

  5. robgarrett


    No need to worry, SPD will copy cached DLLs back to your profile.
    If you log in as new user, for the first time, this directory does not live in your profile, SPD creates it for you.


  6. http://

    I’ve been experiencing the problem above and eventually got so sick of it that I looked for a solution.
    I found that as well as deleting
    %UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWebsiteCache

    I also needed to delete
    %appdata%MicrosoftWeb Server ExtensionsCache*.web

    Then everything worked!

  7. http://

    I get the same error while trying to check in word documents to a document library.
    We are using custom content types, and it has been working just fine for 8 months. But not any longer :-(.
    Any idea of why?
    We can create new files, and fill in the meta data and save the files – but not check in the files.
    We can not either check in the files via the drop down in the library. (The value is not in the expected range.. error)

    Can you help me out with this, please?

  8. Brian

    I tried deleting WebsiteCache and then Cache files with no effect, as soon as I did the Advanced – Delete Temp files the problem was fixed. Thank you first poster!

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