XV6700/PPC6700 WM6 – At Last!!!

..and a round of applause goes to Hemi from xda-developers for cooking up a WM6 ROM for the XV6700/PPC6700.  I have been drooling, for some time now, at the new PDA phones with WM6 (cross bow) installed and held onto the hope that someone would make this OS available for my $400-new-from-Verizon-phone.  Sure, it’s a cooked ROM, but I took the risk before getting to old age before Verizon ever released a official version for my unit.

So far I am enjoying:

  • Faster response from the phone
  • Less reboots
  • HTML formatted emails
  • Built in software, like WMODEM using it now to write this post).
  • Better connection manager
  • ..and a host of fixes that were just annoying in WM5.

For those of you shy to install a cooked ROM for fear of turning your device into an expensive paper weight – trust me, Hemi did a great job with this build, and as long as you follow his easy instructions you cannot go wrong.


6 thoughts on “XV6700/PPC6700 WM6 – At Last!!!

  1. Sahil Malik

    You theif! πŸ™‚

    There is however a way to take screenshots off of a PPC – so you can blog/brag about more than just one screen.

    Seriously man, I am really diggin’ WM6. It’s better than iPhone for sure.

  2. http://

    can you give me more indepth directions on how to do this because i dont fully understand those posted by helmi

  3. http://

    I too would like to know how you pulled this off. When I hit Record+Power+Reset it does nothing but go to a screen that says SERIAL or if i have the power cable in it reads USB without the backlight and it says v2.2 at the bottom. His instructions says to run the EXE and then press L&R softkeys and hit reset.
    This does NOT work on an HTC/APACHE ppc6700 (sprint) at least not for me

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