GTD – Email from your cell phone

So, you’ve read my previous posts on GTD and now your life is in perfect harmony, but….. you happen to remember something important whilst driving home that has yet to make it into your collection system.  You do not really want to pull over to note down this valuable nugget of information, and writing an email/task on your PDA whilst driving is too fiddly (not to mention dangerous/illegal).  So, what to do?  Simple, subscribe to

  1. is a free service that converts voice messages into emails, sign up using your cell phone.
  2. Add Jott’s free-phone number as a speed-dial, if you have voice activated dialing, even better.
  3. Next time you think of something to collect, call Jott and leave a message for “myself.”
  4. Live with peace of mind, next time you open email – presto, there’s you GTD task ready for processing.

Simple huh?

Additionally, if you’d like to blog from your cell phone, you can set up an email address to your blog using BlogMailr and add this address to your Jott contacts. Presto – blog posts on the move.

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    Great post! It’s awesome seeing people spread the love and goodness of Jott! haha Try Jott with apps such as Remember the Milk, Vitalist, 30boxes. GREAT for GTD applications. Also, I’ve been seeing this “jott2iGTD” app out there. Havn’t seen it in action yet….but you might wanna check that out as well!

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