This week’s new toy – Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

I finally broke down and purchased a Bluetooth headset for my cell phone.  For some time now I have been managing quite well with my XV6700 Verizon phone (brick) glued to my head whilst on the move (in states where it is not illegal – of course to drive and use a cell phone).  Now that I am on the phone with clients more often I decided to treat myself to a hands free.

A colleague recommended the Jawbone because it contains military grade noise cancellation technology, and I was curious to how good this really is. 

Check out the video at

I joke you not – the noise cancellation actually works – I had the radio playing in the car, driving at 60MPH and the receiver on the other end of the line informed me the call was crystal clear without background noise interference.


The Jawbone retails at about $160 but if you know where to look you can purchase a new working model in various colors for about $75.00.  Pairing with my Bluetooth cell phone was a breeze, battery life is adequate for the amount of daily calls I make, and when I am wearing the Jawbone I don’t look too much like a Borg hybrid.

Now, just because I have succumb to the ranks of the executives that appear to talk to themselves in the street, you will not catch me in meeting, at a restaurant, or socializing with friends whilst this thing is strapped to my head.  Who are these people that think these devices are a fashion accessory and have to wear them all day? [;)]

7 thoughts on “This week’s new toy – Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

  1. http://

    ahem……colleague huh? hahahaha just kidding glad to hear that you are enjoying the headset. For anyone who reads this and is interested i get all my gadget updates from a blog called This is where I learned about jawbone and other cool technologies way before anyone gets them on the shelves. later gator.

  2. robgarrett

    okay, okay, true enough, my good buddy Carlos put me in touch with this technology whilst we were waiting on a flight back from NY to DC in an airport where the wifi wasn’t working 😉

  3. Sahil Malik

    Damn, I gotta call you sometime on that thing now.

    Seriously, whenever I see anyone sporting one of those, I wanna slap them on their ear and say .. DAMN I SAW A HUGE BUG ON YOUR FACE!!

    BTW – to jog some memories,

    Rio De Janiero
    G String
    Bluetooth Headset
    = Ewwww!!

  4. robgarrett

    ROFL, yup I so want to do that – “dude you have a leech eating your ear.” I only wear mine in the car and in the short distance from my car to the office, so if you hide in the rear passenger seat there’s a chance you can slap me for free 😉

  5. Pete Brown

    Pretty sweet. Looks like it might do a good job grating cheese too 🙂

    I’ve had crap luck with bluetooth headsets (even ones previous recommended by engadget). How is this one working out?

  6. robgarrett

    Lol, not tried grating cheese on it yet, I imagine it might muffle the sound a little 😉

    Seriously, this thing is the DB’s – I’ve been chatting to people all week in the car with the radio on and windows open and everyone has said that they can hear me as if I was in a quite area. Quality at my end is excellent – as if the person is in the passenger seat next to me.

    For $75, I think it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made this year.

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