Backup Office 2007 Settings

So, you’ve spent the last few hours setting up Office Outlook views for GTD productivity (as I have done) and are wondering how you backup your office settings incase you need to reinstall at a later time.  Here’s how, using USMT:

  • Google for USMT, download and install.
  • Invoke a command prompt with administrator privileges.
  • Change the directory where USMT is installed.
  • Run the command scanstate <store-path> /i:MigApp.xml /c

This will create a store named Store for you which will have all your settings stored.

Later if you want to restore your application specific settings, you can restore it using the store created above with the command:

  • loadstate <store-path> /i:MigApp.xml /c

Here <store-path> is the one that was created in step 3.

Of course, USMT is not just backing up settings from Office, but most of you other MS applications too, so when restoring you may need to get a little creative.

One thought on “Backup Office 2007 Settings

  1. Pero Urgeric

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    It’s available for free, offers the most space for free [6GB =] and the
    applications are available for all popular desktop OSes and mobile
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