CDRW/DVDROM Driver or Corrupt under Vista/XP

For a few weeks now I have been puzzling over why my CDRW/DVD ROM driver refuses to load under Windows Vista.  I naively assumed that I needed to find a replacement driver from the manufacturer (IBM in my case), or perhaps my drive was bad. 

After replacing my laptop docking station and the drive unit , I could still not mount the drive, and the device manager gave me the following error:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

As a last ditch effort I Google'd the error and came across the following KB article:

This solved my issue. [:)]

5 thoughts on “CDRW/DVDROM Driver or Corrupt under Vista/XP

  1. J Marshall

    zzzi have the same problem. I have a sata dvd-rom & sata dvd/rw.. Both do not show up & under device manager it says missing or currupt file code 39.. When I go to your like it says its not there anymore. Do you know where I might find it..Thank You

  2. http://

    I’m having a similar problem, but when I go out to the bulletin you list, the page no longer exists (I think that’s what J was talking about). IS there anyway you can describe the fix on here?

  3. http://

    Thanks so much. That fixed me up. I had spent hours banging my head and then I found you post. Thanks.

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