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You just gotta love Google

I thought the Google nerds were cool when I found out that I could display their search result in my own site (not that I use it because CS comes with packaged search). When I found out that I could host my domain email at Google apps I was ecstatic because I could dump my complicated Exchange setup.  I use Google Adsense to make me some pocket money from visitors to my site, and of course, I rely upon Google’s main search to get me through my day job as a software developer.  So when I heard about Google Customized Search, I just had to take a looksy.

I first heard about Google customized search thanks to an episode on DotNetRocks (side note: if you’re a .NET developer then you just have to listen to this Podcast) with guest Dan Appleman.  Dan is the owner of – a site which is a dedicated search portal for anything .NET related. 

So what is it?  Well it’s what the name suggests, Google customized search is a new application to provide customized Google search results based on indexed web sites of your choice.  In Dan’s case, his site aggregates Google results for anything .NET related.  The bets part is that I know the search results from Dan’s site are credible because Dan hand picked the list of sites that Google displays results.

So, I just had to try this out.  You may now notice an additional search box, drop down list, and submit button on the title bar of my site:

These new controls enable users to search for customized content from Google.  Of course, is present in the list of sites to display results, but a number of credible web sites with information on SharePoint and MOSS are in the list for the SharePoint/MOSS custom search.

So why would you come to my site when is less to type in the address bar? (woot, you don’t have me linked aggregated via RSS? Wassamatter with you?)  Simple, when you execute a search in one of my customized search engines you can be sure that the results you get are likely to get you what you are looking for as a reader pretty quickly.  No more trawling through half-baked web sites that have have stale content, or content copied from more credible sites, simply come to my site and find out about SharePoint from well respected expects on the subject.

What’s in it for me?  Well, aside of attracting more visitors to my site, the search results display adverts linked to my Adsense account.  So when you search via me you’re helping to put money in my pocket to pay the electric bill [;)]. 

4 thoughts on “Google Custom Search

  1. robgarrett

    Works my end in both IE and FF, if you’d tried it earlier today and it did not work it was because Google were performing site maintenance (so their email informed me).

  2. phuocle

    I try add Google Custom Search (with my Google Adsense account) to my site but it didn’t work. Can you help me ? Thanks.

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