Receive Blog Posts Via Email

For those of you who’s life evolves around email, this post may be of some interest.  I have recently signed up with FeedBlitz – an emailing service that disseminates blog posts to subscribers.  So, if visiting my web site is a chore (eh?), and you have no time for RSS readers (why?) then you can at least read my words of wisdom in you inbox.  Click the link below to subscribe, or visit the home page on my web site and click the FeedBlitz icon in the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Receive Blog Posts Via Email

  1. Chris Hynes

    How about the reverse? Are there any services that provide an email address and generate an rss feed? I’d love to have that for something like Google Alerts or other subscriptions — I could just pull them up with all other feeds in my feed reader instead of having them clutter up my inbox.

  2. Wife

    How about a little reference? To the WIFE that found and used this service, then suggested it to the computer geek. Uh huh…sure.

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