How To Tell If You Are Being Micromanaged

It happens to us all – you get that annoying boss that just cannot handle letting you do the job without interruption, and insists on keeping tabs on every task he/she assigned you.  The following is a list of sure ways to tell if it is time to get on the bus and leave “micromanagement world”…

  1. You meet with your boss every day (sometimes more than once) – in each meeting he or she will ask for a status update.
  2. You are asked for delivery estimates for the same task more than once a week.
  3. Tasks are issued in precise patronizing detail, and all too often verbally.
  4. No matter how hard you work on a task, the result is never good enough for your boss.
  5. You spend more time in meetings than actually implementing the solution.
  6. You have a spare seat in your cube/office and your boss occupies it regularly.
  7. When away from the office, your boss will call you every day to make sure you’re at work.
  8. You receive calls from your boss on weekends/evenings and if you’re out sick.
  9. Your boss has intricate knowledge of your current tasks, down to the level of nitty gritty implementation.
  10. Your boss coaches you on the precise wording to say to another colleague when asking for something.
  11. You feel stressed and exhausted before you have even begun implementation.
  12. Use of headphones is impossible because you cannot complete a music track without interruption from your boss.
  13. Bathroom breaks are monitored by your boss, if you take too long to shit he/she makes a remark.
  14. You prefer to work outside office hours because you are more productive that way.
  15. Your boss never goes on vacation for fear that the company will collapse in his/her absence.
  16. When leaving the office for lunch you receive a call on your cell about work related issues.
  17. Your boss is involved in technical decisions when his role is at a much higher level.
  18. Your boss talks more than he/she listens.
  19. You are provided with a company cell phone, pager, laptop, etc, and are expected to be on standby 24×7.
  20. Working from home is strictly forbidden, even when it would be more profitable for the company.
  21. Your boss has an opinion on your visual presentation, even when you meet the company dress code.
  22. Meetings are scheduled with 5 minutes notice and sometimes at close of business.
  23. Your boss eats his/her lunch at your desk.
  24. Everything is an emergency and cannot wait.

I can think of a few more, but in an effort to keep this post short I’ll leave it at that. [;)]


Disclaimer: The above list was generated from past experience, and not necessarily reflective of my current employment.

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    wow … I can feel high blood pressure when I read this list. This kind of boss may be a good developer, but not a leader.

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