Google Calendar Sync with PDA

 At last! Someone has answered my prayers and released a Google calendar synchronization service that actually works.

I love Google calendar – both my wife and I use it to keep our busy life in order – but it’s frustrating when I am on the move and my trusty Pocket PC is ignorant to my upcoming appointments. Sure, there are some solutions out there, but none that work well. GooSync came to the rescue.

How does it work? GooSync is an online service, which establishes a partnership with Google calendar to maintain a synchronization history. Software is available for download to your PDA (WM5 in my case) to provide sync with GooSync over the air, without ever involving your PC (of course you need a data plan for this to work).

I’ve just installed the WM5 sync client on my PDA and have attempted a sync with my calendar – so far it’s worked well, I’ll let you know how well it works out in an everyday environment.

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