If you're into music (any play a lot of it) then you just have to check out – a community site dedicated to music enthusiasts.  Once you sign up for an account you can share your music interests with others, and find similar music genre based on what you're currently listening to.  It all works using scrobbling….

So what's this "scrobbling" term I keep hearing about? 

Scrobbling involves sharing your music interests with the Internet by uploading track and artist information from your play list to sites like provides software to plug into Apple iTunes and Windows Media Player (plus links to other audio-scrobbling tools for other music players) so your music interests are uploaded to their server as you play music in real-time.

Users of iTunes 7 may find that the plug-in software provided by may not upload data, even though it recognizes tracks being played.  A simple solution is to uninstall that POS and install iSproggler (attached to this post).

Check out the front page on to see what I've been listening to – ooer.