Windows Media Stream CSModule

I wrote my first Community Server module to display Windows Media Streams inside blog posts (bin and src download attached to this post).  You can do something similar with the YouTube plugin that Scott W wrote, but I wanted to try my hand at writing a CS plug-in and thought this would be a cool exercise.

Check out the BBC 24 News Headlines below:


To install this module, add the following line to the communityserver.config file under the <CSModules> tag, and copy the DLL to the bin directory.

<add name = "MMS" type = "," /> 

To add a stream to a post, use the following syntax (replace { } with [ ]  ):




That's all there is to it.

5 thoughts on “Windows Media Stream CSModule

  1. http://

    Windows media sucks…. its more or less a rehash of mpeg2 or divx. YouTube uses h.264 which is pretty much the most advanced encoding technology on the planet. Thats why youtube starts instantly and windows media normally never starts.

  2. robgarrett

    Razzamataz – the zip file works for me, have you tried downloading the zip on another PC or from another location?

    Michael – You could well be right, but my post wasn’t about comparing Windows Media to YouTube h.264. There are many news providers who only post MMS, in which case if you want the content on your blog then my plug-in becomes useful.

  3. http://

    I tried downloading the archive from three different computers in 2 locations. Could you email me the archive, please Rob?
    Please sent to: (replace user with “eric.winter”, domain with “gamebox”). Thanks!

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