New Toy

Geek prevails!  I’ve purchased a new PDA/phone – the Verizon XV6700

After owning an IPAQ 3870 for longest time it’s was about time that I upgraded to a modern PDA that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.  Because this beauty integrates a cell phone I no longer have carry around two devices.  This little box of tricks has everything in it -:

* Bluetooth
* Wifi
* EVDO (with data plan)
* Infra-Red
* 1.3 Megapixel Camera
* Mini-SD
* WM2005 OS – Full Version, not Smart Phone ed.
* 64MB RAM/128mb Flash
* Slide out keyboard

Since I’m cheap I didn’t sign up for Verizon’s unlimited data plan, nor the 5MB or 10MB plan.  Instead I signed up for the “per KB plan (about $15 per MB) knowing I would never use it (Verizon insists that customers have some sort of data plan with this device).  In fact I deleted the dial-up profile from my device in case an application should try connecting to the Internet without me knowing.  So far I’ve been quite content with Wifi in the office and home.

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    Cool! đŸ™‚

    Will you plan to write some program on it, e.g. to show traffic information?

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