SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 Installation and Configuration

So, my last post about the release of Beta 2 Office 2007 inc. SharePoint 2007 Server made out that installation was a simple process.  Experience over the last 24 hours has taught me different.  Here’s an account of some of the problems I’ve run up against, and step by step installation instructions to get SP 2007 working….

Let’s be clear from the start, this is Beta software.  Beta 2 software is typically good, but still prone to blow up and has the potential of taking your OS installation with it.  If you’re married to the software on your PC or are of the faint of heart then you should not be installing Beta software on your machine.  Typically, Beta software has no upgrade process built in, so if you’ve installed SharePoint 2007 Beta 1, then you might want to repave your machine to be sure that Beta 2 installs correctly.

The instructions below are an amalgamation of the instructions from Martin Kearn’s blog for Beta 1 install with my changes for Beta 2.

Server Installation:

  1. Install Windows 2003 R3 (or Windows 2003 RTM with SP1), apply all the latest patches from Windows Update.
  2. Join the machine to a domain (according to Martin), I cannot very with this is mandatory as my PC is part of a domain anyway.
  3. Decide on an account with local administrator rights. Martin’s instructions say to use a domain account, but I am using a local administrator account (not the main Administrator). Log in as this account, perform all installations and configurations using this account, and all services should run under this account.  The remainder of these instructions shall refer to this account as the “service account”.

    I tried using the NETWORK_SERVICE account in a prior installation and ran into no end of problems with permissions.

  4. Using
    Regedit.exe, make sure that
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsWeb Server
    is blank if it exists at all.  Wasn’t present on my machine.

  5. Install SQL Server 2005 (and Service Pack 1 from Windows Update).
  6. Assign
    your service account to the ‘System Administrators’, ‘Security
    Administrators’ and ‘Database Creators’ server roles in SQL server (You
    will need to use SQL Server Management Studio).  Note, just adding this account to the System Administrators role is not enough.  I explicitly added the service account to each of these roles, not the BUILTINAdministrators group.

  7. If you have Ghost, now would be a great time to make an image of your PC, so that you have a stable image prior to installing Beta bits.

  8. Make sure you log into the console using the service account, do not install using Terminal Server/Remote Desktop.  Problems as a result of installation through TS/RDP are not founded at this time, but past experience with other software installs has taught me that this can be the root cause of install problems.

  9. Install the latest version of WinFX Runtime Components (I installed version 3.0 Beta 2). 

  10. I was tempted to install Office 2007 Beta 2 Professional (Word, Excel, etc) here, but resisted and concentrated on SharePoint installation only.

  11. Insert your CD (or attach your ISO image) and run setup.exe (if it does not auto run). NOTE:
    If you get an error about web service extensions here, do a ‘repair’ on
    .net 2.0 framework using add/remove programs. This is caused when IIS
    is installed after the .net framework (part of WinFX Runtime Components

  12. Enter your CD key and accept the license agreement.  You should have received a CDKEY via email when you subscribed for the download or ordered the CD via mail.

  13. Choose the Advanced installation, which means that SP2007 data can be installed in a local or remote SQL Server database, as well as participate as part of a farm.  The basic installation uses SQL Server Express, which I have had problems with in past installations.

  14. Select “Complete” on the next dialog, and click the install now button.

  15. Once
    installed you will get a screen with a check box that reads “Run the
    SharePoint products and Technologies Wizard now”. Ensure this is ticked
    and click ‘Close’.  If you had installed and removed Beta 1 on your machine prior to Beta 2 you may get an error running the configuration wizard.  I know not of any fix, except to repave, at this time.

  16. You will get a warning that the wizard is about to reset several services, click ‘Yes’. You’ll be asked about the farm configuration, elect to ‘No, I want to create a new Server farm’.

  17. Provide
    the database server (your server name, do not use (local) ) and your account details
    (account in the domainuser format). Leave the database name as the
    default. Click ‘Next’.  Even though I am using a local account I still specified the full account name – MACHINENAMEaccount.

  18. Set the authentication mode to ‘NTLM’ (do not specify a port number) and click ‘Next’.

  19. NOTE:
    If it fails here, it is most likely that you do not SQL setup
    correctly. Ensure your service account is in the right groups. Please
    also note that this section can take a very long time, especially step
    2. (up to 45 minutes).|

  20. You’ll get a success screen at the end, click ‘Finish. The
    wizard will attempt to load the central administration window. You may
    need to login here, use your service account. You may also get prompted
    to add the site to your trusted sites – go ahead and do that.

Follow the steps in Martin’s blog for Services Configuration, Core Service Setup, and Portal Setup.

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45 thoughts on “SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 Installation and Configuration

  1. http://

    This rocks and was exactly what I needed. Perhaps you should give MS a few pointers about what should be in a README.HTM file…


  2. http://


    I am instaling Office Sharepoint Server 2007 in Single Server configuration on a fresh machine having Win 2003 SP 1 with Application Server role attached to it.
    Pre-requisites which i have installed are .NET Framework 2.0 and Win Fx Runtime Components Beta 2.

    After successful installation of Sharepoint server, when I start Sharepoint Products and Technologies configuration wizard, it gets stuck up on Step 8 while “Creating Sample Data” with the following exception “Login failed for user SERVERNAMEAdministrator”.

    I also tried on another fresh machine with pre-requisites .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows workflow foundation Beta 2.2, still I got the same exception as above in Step 8 of Configuration Wizard.

    It would be helpful if we get the required version of pre-requisites which needs to be installed prior to the MOSS 2007 and also the sequence in which they should be installed.
    I have downloaded the installation guide of Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Beta 2 from and i’m following the same steps.

  3. robgarrett

    Sounds like a database permission problem. A few things to try…

    1. Do not use the local or domain “Administrator” account, create another local account called “Admin” and add this user to the Administrators group.

    2. Assuming that you’re following my instructions for “Advanced” install.. make sure that you have added the admin account to the three server roles: ‘System Administrators’, ‘Security Administrators’ and ‘Database Creators’.

    4. If you want to use basic install then make sure that SQL Express is installed prior to installing Office 2007/SP server. SP will install it’s own instance of SQL Express but I’m told that install works better if a prior instance was installed (I haven’t validated this claim).


  4. http://

    I have found, after rebuild a server 5 times just to play with this thing, that any DNS or Active Directory will cause an error at runtime in the beta. In order to get it to work I have had to no install the DNS Server and Active Directory to my machine and just play with it as the admin logged in to the Machine.

    I have found about 3 other posts so far with this problem. To resolve it I had to rebuild the machine, which had nothing on it, and not turn DNS on. I don’t know if this is a bug or if Microsoft does not want people server the Beta to large groups of people, but I just lost 10 hours of my life but the f*cking thing is worth it. I also didn’t have to apply any rights to my SQL Server 2005 database, that was managed by the install fine.

    So I would recommend either a virtual machine or a new box, which I was luck enough just to have, install Server 2003, do not install DNS or Active Directory, install SQL Server 2005, use machine administrator and install beta. This is clearly only good for playing around but it is free and all.

  5. Avner Kashtan

    I’ve been trying to run to Configuration Wizard for a while now and keep getting errors – either Language Not Supported or Admin Database in Use. Having found your description, it seems this is due to having the Beta1TR build installed on this image before.
    Time to fire up a brand new image. 🙁

    Thanks for saving me several more hours of frustration…

  6. Raul

    Hi, I have run into a similar installation problem with WSS 3.0 on a fresh VM. It seems an authentication problem when creating the configuration database, it sends an error like “user already open the database, can not be more than one”
    I would like to install only the wss basic type, on a VM that is not part of a domain.
    I achived it once, on a pc that was not part of a domain and had a wss 2.0 installed, but now that I want to start from scratch and it does not finish the configuration wizard successfully.

    Any hints, besides the ones already exposed, I will appreciate

  7. Bill Stockton

    OK Rob twenty four hours after doubting you…I love you. I tried to shortcut by skipping some steps. Nothing worked but doing it the way you said. Just FYI I used an account with local administrator rights.

    A little bit of stuff out there on the net on the *VERY* faulty sharepoint 7 install! Nothing helped but your site. Please put my errors on your page so Google will link to your page for these problems:

    unauthorized access exception

    Cannot open database “MySiteContent_10792c65-ce1e-4e66-9556-5d1aef6ddb9e” requested by the login. The login failed.

    Login failed for user

    Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUpdatedConcurrencyException: An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object SPWebApplication Name=SharePoint (40812) Parent=SPWebService is being updated by W2K3-SERVERAdmin, in the psconfigui process, on machine W2K3-SERVER. View the tracing log for more information about the conflict.

    An exception occurred while provisioning Shared Service Provider ‘SharedServices1’. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

  8. http://

    Any of you guys ran into the problem, that you have to install some shared services like Portal Search separately, or did I miss to choose complete install? It took me several hours to find out that I have to install Portal search separately in order to make search settings available. Before that I could not follow a number of the configuration steps explained in tutorials

  9. http://

    Hi Rob
    I try to install sharepoint server 207 beta2 locally that my pc is workgroup and I have been install 2005 Team edition & sql server 2005, but when trying to install sharepoint I chose to install on single server from Advanced Option, but after instalation done I ran the configuration wizard to create central Administration server but it failed at the point to create configuration Database so what should I do to get over that and make it success .

  10. robgarrett

    This sounds like a DB permission problem. Are you authenticating with SQL server from SP using an admin account?

    Please send me more specifics about your problem.


  11. http://


    I can not seem to get the SSO service to work.

    I get an error = “Could not find domain controller for this domain.”

    We are using a domain account and not the local admin account. The domain account is an domain admin account!

    Any ideas why?


  12. http://

    Seems like you guys have had alot of problems during installation. I am trying to install on a 64-bit Win 2003 box and just get a 32-bit compatibility error, basically saying – this is a 64-bit box – you need a 64-bit version of the software. To be honest I am not a win 2003 expert but any comments would be welcome…

  13. http://

    Thanks for responding. My apologies for not checking back and giving feedback.

    No I am not installing SP on a domain controller. I am logging in with local admin account to the local sever.

    Do I need to domain admin account for SSO?


  14. http://

    Sorry for my confusing response. I am using a domain admin account…but not no SP is not on the Domain controller


  15. http://

    I am getting an exception

    An exception occurred while provisioning Shared Service Provider ‘SharedServices1’. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database “SharedServices1_DB_44c3afb9-3c8e-4411-8a27-3bf969ce6cf2” requested by the login. The login failed.
    Login failed for user ‘PSL-COE-2K3SVRAdministrator’.

    I am not installing on a DC and it is a standalone installation.

  16. http://

    i followed martin kearns blog to setup sharepoint:
    after setting up a New SSP
    i created a new web application based on the default website.
    i got a message :
    “thread has stopped”

    then (just hopefully) i created a site collection for that web application
    i got a message :
    http://bluegrassportal/ successfully created

    but when i clicked on the link

    The page cannot be displayed – fimiliar IE message and no website

    now whenever i try to create a new web application the :
    “use an existing website”
    option is no longer available
    and everything created using the other option would not be displayed (The page cannot be displayed)

    So ?
    how to make a default webisite again ?

  17. Maurizio Sturlesi

    Rob, many thanks for this.
    After fiddling around for a day following Microsoft instructions without any joy, I found your article and worked first time for me too.
    You should bill Microsoft for your services 😉


  18. http://

    I had a standalone wss 3 beta2 tr server fro AD the other web server for portal.
    then trouble started.. when i tried installing on a laptop..win2k3 server r2 ..AD..Portal web server
    went through all steps for beta2 TR slipstream as i did before..
    configuration wizard reports:
    configuration failed..can not create sample data
    An exception of type” was thrown Database WSS_Content “is already open and can only have one user at a time”

    what is the problem

    i had administrator account
    i tried a different user account.. then iis was not happy

    can anybody help PLEASE

    i am sure it does not like being installed on the same machine as the AD

    somebody mentioned something about mdtc process???!!!

    i need this to take wiyh me a proof of concept to my client.. otherwise i’ll take 2 pcs or use virtual stuff

  19. Keith Mann

    Just ran another install using these instructions, this time using VMWare Workstation to host the server (Win2K3 Standard). For whatever reason (probably something downloaded via MS Update), using WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 beta 2 caused the SharePoint setup to complain that Windows Workflow Foundation was missing. I fixed this by rolling back to my savepoint just prior to the WinFX install (thanks, VMWare!) and installed .NET Framework 3.0 RC1 instead.

  20. http://

    For those getting the Login Failed errors during Step 8 of the Wizard, I found this worked:
    (Setup: VM with W2K03, WSS3.0(final), IIS6, .Net3, ASP.Net2) *NOTE* I dont have SQL Svr installed, using the ‘win internal DB, i.e. Sql Svr Express?

    – Add the logged in local admin that you are running under to the 2 groups that start with:
    – SQLServer2005MSFTE*
    – SQLServer2005MSSQL*

    Once I reran the wizard it completed!

    Thanks for all the tips to get me there Rob!

  21. http://

    It seems like many people have been getting the same problem with Step 8 of the Configuration Wizard. I am running a VMWare with Windows 2003 SP1, .NET 3.0, Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Beta 2.2 and chose the Basic installation which installs its own emedded SQL 2005 Express. I tried a few things including the permissions settings as CraigH had suggested, but with no such luck. Finally I read beneath the lines and figured it was something of a timeout issue due to limited resources of being in a VM. I bumped up the memory of the VM to 1GB and finally I was able to get through Step 8 and finish the Configuration process. I did notice that during the Configuration Wizard and after its completion SQL2005 Express was chewing up a large portion of the CPU and a fair bit of memory.

    You may want to mention to your readers that they will need plenty of resources, likely for the SQL 2005 Express that is embedded with the installation of MOSS 2007.

  22. http://

    Configuration Failed

    One or more configuration settings failed. Completed configuration settings will not be rolled back. Resolve the problem and run this configuration wizard again. The following contains detailed information about the failure: Failed to initialize SharePoint Products and Technologies upgrade. An exception of type System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException was thrown.Additional Information The given key was not present in the dictionary

    Plz Help

  23. robgarrett

    Hmm, sounds like a custom list or something is going bad during the upgrade. Do you need to keep your web applications during the upgrade? Might be worth a clean install, or at least removing any custom web apps before attempting the upgrade.

  24. http://

    Hi Rob, love your tutorial but i encounter a problem,

    When I to search using the search box on my WSS3 site, i get this weird error.

    The site http://ynd01-svr-015/documentation/ could not be found in the Web application SPWebApplication Name=SharePoint Parent=SPWebService

    Do you have any solution to this error.

    Thanks in advance

  25. Radhika

    Hi Rob Garret ,
    i am doing Authentication & authorizaion task
    But reegarding authorization roles created in SQL server but if i want to give the
    my own permission for those roles in website of Sharepoint service3.0
    how can assign my own role and my own permission not default permission ib WSS3.0
    i am using asp.net2.0, configuration tool ,sql server2005 ,WSS3.0

  26. http://

    Getting the following error while configuring SSO:
    “Could not find domain controller for this domain.”

    Its not installed on Domain Controller and the user is an administrator

  27. robgarrett

    If I understand your question.. you want to assign new permissions to SP, or do you want to add a new user to a role that is assigned a set of permissions.

    Check out “Groups and Permissions” as well as “Advanced Permissiosn” under Site Settings. The physical permissions are defined by SharePoint (although I bet you can add custom permissions with some code) . Assigning users or groups (both SP group and AD group) permissions is as easy as adding them to a predefined role or assigning individual permissions.


  28. robgarrett

    Sounds like you have a DNS or network problem. Can you confirm that the SP machine sees the domain?

    If DNS, the usual mistake it not assigning the primary DNS IP as the AD machine.


  29. http://

    Hi Rob.
    I have installed SharePoint Server 2007 on my machine.
    But on page Error is occuring.

    Error Message – !Server Farm Configuration Not complete!

    this appears at Left-Top corner of the page.
    Can you please help on the same!

  30. http://

    Hello Rob,
    I had installed my Server Installation just as u have given in the steps above. Then i Installed 2005 and tried to create a Sequential WorkFlow Library in it using “Sharepoint” template(i’m not able to get ‘SharePoint Server’ as template for whatever reasons). But when i’m trying to do som i’m getting a error like…

    The Project File ‘<path of temp dir>’ cannot be opened.
    The project type is not supported by this Installation.

    It would be really helpful if you can just explain why am i getting this problem,

    Rohan W

  31. http://

    Thanks for your attention but i have done configuration. There was problem while installation of WSS 3.0.

    Kapil Natu

  32. http://

    Hello! I’ve installed SharePoint Server, SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Office 2007 on virtual machine. Successfully complited all configuration wizards and created some sites. But cannot configure ‘Single Sign-On’. Get error: ‘A Single Sign-on error has occurred. Please contact an administrator. Details: Could not find domain controller for this domain’. User is Administrator, I granted him rights on SQL Server on all roles (except public). Whats wrong? Or is it impossible to configure everything on single machine (virtual)?

  33. robgarrett

    I believe that SSO uses AD and kerberos tickets – unless you’ve set up AD this will not work.

    SSO implies sign on to multiple sites, which is typically accomplished using domain registered servers. If you have a standalone MOSS install on your VPC, why do you need SSO? If you’re trying to SSO to another site on another server in a different domain forest then you’ll need a different approach.


  34. http://

    Hi Rob

    I un-installed Sharepoint 3.0 from my machine, and installed it again. While configuring this, I’m getting Access Denied error.

    Following are the details:

    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGlobal.HandleUnauthorizedAccessException(UnauthorizedAccessException ex)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.OpenWeb(String bstrUrl, String& pbstrServerRelativeUrl, String& pbstrTitle, String& pbstrDescription, Guid& pguidID, String& pbstrRequestAccessEmail, UInt32& pwebVersion, Guid& pguidScopeId, UInt32& pnAuthorID, UInt32& pnLanguage, UInt32& pnLocale, UInt16& pnTimeZone, Boolean& bTime24, Int16& pnCollation, UInt32& pnCollationLCID, Int16& pnCalendarType, Int16& pnAdjustHijriDays, Int16& pnAltCalendarType, Boolean& pbShowWeeks, Int16& pnFirstWeekOfYear, UInt32& pnFirstDayOfWeek, Int16& pnWorkDays, Int16& pnWorkDayStartHour, Int16& pnWorkDayEndHour, Int16& pnMeetingCount, Int32& plFlags, Boolean& bConnectedToPortal, String& pbstrPortalUrl, String& pbstrPortalName, Int32& plWebTemplateId, Int16& pnProvisionConfig, String& pbstrDefaultTheme, String& pbstrDefaultThemeCSSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateCSSUrl, String& pbstrCustomizedCssFileList, String& pbstrCustomJSUrl, String& pbstrAlternateHeaderUrl, String& pbstrMasterUrl, String& pbstrCustomMasterUrl, String& pbstrSiteLogoUrl, String& pbstrSiteLogoDescription, Object& pvarUser, Boolean& pvarIsAuditor, UInt64& ppermMask, Boolean& bUserIsSiteAdmin, Boolean& bHasUniquePerm, Guid& pguidUserInfoListID, Guid& pguidUniqueNavParent, Int32& plSiteFlags, DateTime& pdtLastContentChange, DateTime& pdtLastSecurityChange, String& pbstrWelcomePage)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.InitWeb()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.get_WebTemplate()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEvaluatorModeProvisioning.TryGetIsSiteProvisioned(String template, String relativePath, Nullable`1 port, SPSite& provisionedSite, SPWeb& provisionedWeb, Uri& provisionedUri)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.WelcomeForm.ShowNextFormForServerRoleSingleServer()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.WelcomeForm.PsconfigBaseFormNextButtonClickedEventHandler(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    I have tried few things i could find over internet, but nothing is helping.
    I’m admin on my machine, and I have used default settings while installing sharepoint. Also i have all the rights on the local SQL server as well. What surprises me is that this was installed by somebody earlier, who too was admin, just like me.


  35. http://


    I resolved the issue –

    Error description:
    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGlobal.HandleUnauthorizedAccessException(UnauthorizedAccessException ex)

    Here is what i did
    – Run Administrative Tools > Sharepoint Central Administration
    – Go to Application Management > Sharepoint Site Management > Site Collection Administrations
    – Check if your name (the person configuring sharepoint) is primary or secondary administration


  36. Dave Chung

    THIS BAILED ME OUT BIG TIME!!! I ran into the UnauthorizedAccessException error and have searched all over google….by adding the installer as a secondary admin i was able to fly through the rest of the of PSConfig

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