Have I died?

Fortunately (or unfortunately for some) I have not, but I have been insanely busy, and have had no time to read the blog posts of others, never mind write any blog posts of my own.  My current daytime project (let’s call it Fred) has been occupying all of my daytime working hours and many a good evening, but the good news is that it is drawing to a close.  Fred is due to finish at the end of February (horrah), after which time I have big plans to learn some really cool new technologies, which I am sure to blog about (at least those technologies that I am permitted to blog about). 

Technologies on my conquer list this year include: Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, a peek at Windows Vista, and Visual Studio Team System.  Hopefully Fred won’t interfere.

Meanwhile, it’s back to another couple of weeks of working late, and seeing new posts in my feed reader for Boing Boing top over a few hundred.