LUA and Windows XP

For those of you that read my blog often (or talk to me directly), you’ll know that I am constantly advocating that users operate their computers under a least-privileged user account – LUA.  Many have taken my advice, of not running day-to-day operations under an administrator account, or account with elevated privileges (yes, that includes accounts in the Power Users group on Windows).  Most MAC and Linux users know this concept already, but there are still a staggering number of Windows users who still insist that they need elevated privileges to operate their PC. 

Well, you no longer need to take my word for granted, Microsoft has recently published a white paper on the merits of operating as LUA, and the paper can be downloaded here.  If you’re a Windows XP user, I strongly advice that you read this paper, it’ll open your eyes to how easy it can be to prevent spy ware, viruses, and other malicious code on the Windows platform.

Many thanks to Robert Hurlbut for bringing this paper to my attention via his blog.

2 thoughts on “LUA and Windows XP

  1. Rob Garrett

    Works for me.
    <br>The tool will probably complain if it wants to remove some hoaky components that live in system disk areas or the local machine registry. If you move over to LUA you’ll not need anti-spyware tools anymore (in theory), but I’d run a scan as administrator before you make the move.

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