Phew! So many acronyms.  I mentioned in an earlier post about gaining a Microsoft Certification, and had originally set my sights on an MSCD.  With the release of the 2.0 .NET platform, the certifications are changing.  So I’m going to dive in and shoot for becoming a MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer), and eventually a MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect).  First step – join a study group here in Rockville.

This site details the new certifications:

4 thoughts on “MCTS, MCIP, MCPD, and MCA

  1. Ed Mooers

    I contemplated the new certification track as well, but felt better about taking the existing exams once I found out that:
    <br>1. There will be an upgrade test to go from the old tests to the new
    <br>2. The new tests aren’t ready yet

  2. Rob Garrett

    I considered that option too, especially since most of the &quot;free&quot; study material available is for the existing track. However, since a study group opened up I decided that I’d give the new track a whirl. Exams for the MCTS will be available in February.

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