Time for a change

Aside of being busy at the office this week, as the project I am working on revs up into its implementation phase, I have been devoting a lot of my spare time looking into getting one of these

A friend of mine says that he can always tell how busy someone is by the number of posts on their blog. 🙂  This would explain  the apparent lack of posts on my site recently.

So, the time has come to change my wheels, I have chosen the 2006 Scion TC because it’s the closest match to my VW Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg in features and driver performance, and Scion’s are Toyota built, and so come with a reliability history.  I took a test drive in one earlier this week, and managed to have some fun on the open road.

As soon as I find a new home <sniff> for my v-dub <sniff>, I shall be wiping away the cobwebs from the entrance to my gold reserve and heading on over to the Toyota dealer to pick me up a shiny new TC.  I plan to get navigation this time, and I am considering the Pioneer AVIC-D1, which provides complete US GPS navigation, XM satellite radio, XM satellite traffic, and IPOD integration.  Once I make my purchase of both car and expensive toy navigation unit I shall blog about it.

3 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. Becky

    Can you fit the carseats in the back of the tC? Rex has the xA, and we made sure that the bigger of our two seats would fit so we had a backup car, in case mine has to go in for service, we have a wreck, or even if one of us drops kids off and the other has to pick them up.
    <br>That tC really is cute, though!

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