Sony is still advising users to install their rootkit…

Quoted from:

To install the software on this disc, you
must have Administrator rights on your computer.
Administrator rights are typically the default
setting for home computers, however, in many
work environments it is not the default setting.
If you do not have Administrator rights, log
out of your account and log in as an Administrator

The above statement should cause a light bulb to illuminate in your head. 

Q: Why would a least privileged user (LUA) require administrative permissions to play an audio CD on a Windows/Mac computer?
A: Because it is trying to install something nasty on your computer.

Yet another reason why I am an advocate for LUA.

2 thoughts on “Sony is still advising users to install their rootkit…

  1. Chris Hynes

    Looks like it’s another protection you can fool with a bit of tape or a marker:
    <br>&quot;What makes the Sony BMG incident even more unfortunate is that the DRM technology can be defeated easily. Gartner has identified one simple technique: The user simply applies a fingernail-sized piece of opaque tape to the outer edge of the disc, rendering session 2 — which contains the self-loading DRM software — unreadable. The PC then treats the CD as an ordinary single-session music CD, and the commonly used CD &quot;rip&quot; programs continue to work as usual.&quot;
    <br><a target=”_new” href=”″></a&gt;

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