FIOS Installed

I am very excited today, “and why is that?” you ask…. because today
my Verizon FIOS
installation was completed. After having a new fiber cable buried from
the street to my house yesterday, and two engineers working inside my
house for a few hours today, I finally got connected this afternoon. 
I  am now
experiencing approx 15mbps download and 2mbps upload speeds. 
Check out
the results of my speed test on SpeakEasy:

2 thoughts on “FIOS Installed

  1. Chris Hynes

    Nicely. Wish Adelphia would get off its ass and start installing Adelphia Extreme in more markets — that matches FIOS for the same price. Or Verizon would install more places. Out where I am, the best I can get is Adelphia Premier at 6mb down/768kb up.

  2. http://

    Reminds me of a quote from the Simpsons.
    <br>Nerd: I invented a device that lets you download porn a million times faster.
    <br>Marge: Does anyone really need that much porn?
    <br>Homer: Mmmm, million times faster.

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