Apple Video IPOD – A Money Spinner?

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friend, and business savvy
colleague this weekend – Anton.  Over breakfast, we got chatting about
Apple’s plans for the video IPOD.  Anton remarked that the
video IPOD currently does not offer a fast forward or rewind feature
when watching videos (insert shocked look on Rob’s face here). What is
with that?

I understand that Apple wants to make their IPOD interface as compact
as possible, but it surely not at the expense of typical functionality,
expected by the user?  I understand the lack of DIVX video format
support, and that ripped DVDs will not play on the new IPOD, because of
copyright reasons.  However, making the user watch movies from start to end
without being able to replay or skip parts of the video is a little
obnoxious, in my opinion.  The following post on Engadget confirms our discussion:

Anton believes that the lack of in-video navigation is part of a
bigger ploy by Apple to force users to watch advertisements in subsidized TV
shows, which are speculated to be available on video IPOD, via iTunes,
at a later date. Here’s how he put it:

1. Apple releases an IPOD with video support, but no fast forward or rewind feature.
2. Music videos are available on iTunes for a $1.99.
3. TV shows will soon be available (especially if S.Jobs makes his deal with ABC).
4. Advertisement for Apple products will creep into downloaded video content.
5. Users will become frustrated and drop their Apple IPOD for another product.

As I see it, this scenario can go one of two ways: Either Apple will prevail – users will
accept larger video downloads packed with ads, and Apple’s sales will
boost as a result. Or, users will become frustrated with the inability to rewind
missed content, and video IPOD sales will take a slump – forcing Apple
to rethink the money making scheme. 

Personally, I think all those
users watching porn on the video IPOD
will quickly get tired of not
being able to skip to the juicy parts.  I’ll not be buying a video
enabled IPOD any time soon – I am quite happy with just my music on the
move for now.

4 thoughts on “Apple Video IPOD – A Money Spinner?

  1. Sahil Malik

    Well see, I disagree. The only place I’d find a puny 2.5" screen video useful would be in an airplane – and I’m not watching porn in an airplane you sicko !!!!

  2. Chris Hynes

    I like Microsoft’s PMC idea, but the problem with that was they tried to make it too special purpose of a device. Microsoft’s strength has always been in providing an open platform that developers can exploit. If they want to rule the handheld market, they should create a convergence device that runs Windows Mobile, so people can load whatever general purpose apps they want, but is great at media and games as well. If they could get the form factor right (a la PSP), while retaining platform openness, I think they could have a killer device.

  3. http://

    It is especially important to mention that the $1.99 Apple is charging for the music videos is pure gravy. Up until this, music videos were traditionally aired for free via MTV, VH1, or some other channel. When people get enamored with the $1.99 videos, Apple will start tacking on ads (for various products, not just Apple) and make much more money off a product that is generally free to us. Next up will be network broadcast TV shows. Missed desperate housewives? Apple will let you download the episode for a few bucks with some commercials attached. Since you can’t skip them, Apple can sell many many ads this way. Part of this money will go back to some three letter acronym television network which will in turn give Apple some more on-air advertising.

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