Reminiscing with a notepad

I was in a meeting this afternoon and happened to look back through my
ring binder notepad, which I always bring with me (like the diligent
worker I am).  As I looked back through the pages, I realized that
some of the notes were taken back when I used to work for Symbian
in London – that was over 6 years ago before I came to the US!  It
was interesting to read all the entries on my to-do list back then.
Some of the software I worked on is no longer available (probably
shelved somewhere).

Other notes I had written on my notepad included details about moving
to the US, various telephone numbers of places to take my car for
repair in the UK, and a really nice note from my friend Liz, who looked
after my kittens  (now big cats) for a weekend during my first
year in the America.

A most entertaining read during a meeting….