IVR Shortcuts

So, you are upset with your credit card company, bank, or Cable
Internet Company, and want to call customer service to yell about your
apparent lack of service… After dialing the toll free number, you are
greeted with a menu of too many options, which will supposedly guide
you to an operator who can help you with your complaint – this ever
happen to you? (I envy you if it doesn’t).

More often is the case, when calling a customer service number,
selecting the billing option will put you through to the same operator
as if you had selected the technical support option.  Once the
live operator is on the line they will take all your details and ask
about the nature of your call (I have had plenty of experience with
this – can you tell?).  So why not skip the menu and go direct to
the live operator in the first place?

I was watching RocketBoom this morning, and Amanda Congdon mentioned a
web site that lists IVR menu shortcuts for the most common credit card,
bank and service companies in the US.

So, next time you get that annoying computer voice answering your call,
just skip to the human (who might be as equally annoying, but you can
at least yell at them).