New IPOD (well nearly new)

I decide that it was time that I caught up with the rest of the western
world and buy myself an MP3 player.  I have an extensive MP3
collection (and a large CD collection).  At home and the office I
can take advantage of my MP3 collection, but up until now I could only
play CD’s in the car.  That has all changed now with the
introduction of a new IPOD into my family of consumer electronics.

I would have liked an Archos
but the price tag of these are little beyond my price range, so I
plumped for the IPOD.  I was looking for a device with plenty of
space to store most (if not all) of my music collection, and am not too
worried about pictures or movies on the go, so the IPOD was a good
fit.  In the effort to save yet more more expense, I purchased my
40GB 4G b/w version on EBay for a nice price.

I’m in the process of copying over CD’s from my collection using 
ITunes – not the best music manager in the world, but since it is the
only software that supports IPOD, I have little choice in the
matter.  I’ve mostly used the player in the car, and after
fiddling with the sound settings on both IPOD and in-car-stereo, I have
managed to get the sound output just about right (well as right as one
can, using a cassette adapter – I’ll perhaps check out the ITrip later).

I am thrilled with my new player, but for those of you wondering – I am
not selling out Microsoft to join Apple.  I’ll be sticking with
Windows until the oceans run dry 😉

3 thoughts on “New IPOD (well nearly new)

  1. http://

    Welcome to the wonderful world of iPod’s! I love mine, and when I was at the mac store, dealing wtih my laptop issues, the guy told me that iTrip is the best car adapter on the market, and it’s not much more than other versions. It’s the number one thing on my Xmas list!

  2. Rob Garrett

    I just procured an interface, which connects my IPOD to the CD changer cable in my car. The unit is made by PIE (<a target=”_new” href=””></a&gt;). I installed the unit yesterday and the sound is awesome. I’ll keep the cassette adapter for Lisa’s car 😉

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