Giganews Rocks

It is often the case that I am frustrated, and have numerous complaints
with service oriented organizations.  Seldom do I get the chance
to praise good service. Today is an exception…

I have been a customer of Giganews for a couple of years now. 
Giganews provides me with newsgroup data feeds, from where I download a
lot of data from alt.binaries.blah.blah…. For the low price of $11.95
I can download up to 6GB of data each month. The other day I received
an email from Giganews telling me that I could download up to 25GB for
an extra $1 each month. Another 19GB for 1 buck, that is awesome!!

My monthly account cycle with Giganews works as a “use it or loose it”
system, so if
I do not exceed my account limit I’ll only be charged the regular price
calendar month, but if I blow over the limit, Giganews will charge me
for another month and my cycle starts over.  In practice, I don’t
often reach the original 6GB limit, but occasionally I’ll exceed it by
a few GBs.  Now that I have 25GB to play with, I’ll be hard pushed
to exceed my limit each month, and can download freely without watching
the meter.

I noticed this evening that I could not connect to the Giganews server,
I had previously configured ( Figuring this was
something to do with my latest account upgrade, I dropped customer
support an email around 10:30pm this evening.  Now, I was
expecting to hear back by Monday, I would have liked to have been
contacted by Saturday, but I actually received an email, resolving my
connection issue, by 11pm the same day – how about that for good