System repair in less than an hour

I truly love Norton’s Ghost 2003!

My laptop was behaving strangely this evening – applications
were spontaneously hanging, system was freezing when logging out, etc.  A
closer look at my Windows XP event log told me that STISVC.EXE (still
imaging service) was failing to start, and a whole load of errors were
reported about the COM+ subsystem. Uh-oh!

So, I reinstalled COM+ (as per my instructions),
which fixed the COM+ errors, but did nothing for the random system
hangs.  So, after backing up the user profiles on my machine, I
pulled up Ghost, found my last good image from June and restored my
machine. A quick break of 15 minutes, while Ghost does it’s magic,
after which my machine was stable again.  All I needed to do then
was run windows update, update my anti virus application, and restore
the user profiles, presto – a working machine.

The moral of this story boys and girls – always have a recent backup
of your data files, and and a working operating system image stashed
away somewhere.