Bad Application Architect Diseases

Sahil Malik posted a hilarious post about Bad Application Architecture Diseases on his blog last year, and I just had to mention it.

My favorite is Hypotechnologia or Hypertechnologia:

A refrain/abstinence of preventing any team member to use even
Instant Messenger, not allowing IIS on every developer’s machine, not
allowing allowing a developer to install any software, limiting
Internet access to a .NET developer
    Having only
one column, one row, and one table in the entire database, just so you
could take “advantage” of the new XML data-type in SQL Server 2005,
replacing every SQL Query with XPath expressions, or having MS Office
ActiveX documents replace a web based VB/ASP application (back in 2000)


Sahil’s recent post about Bad Programmer Diseases is just as funny.


Although humorous, the sad fact is that both Sahil’s posts are accurate
by most software engineers/developers that I have met. I’ve even
suffered from a few of these diseases in the past myself.

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