Motorola V710 Cell Phone

I have just given a home to a new cute Motorola V710 cell phone, with
integrated camera, MP3 player and cell phone.  The best part is
that my new phone was free.

I have been with Verizon Wireless for just over 2 years and had never
changed my original Audiovox CDM9500 flip phone, so VZW gave me a
credit of $100 to upgrade. The V710 is selling for $149.99 with an
additional $49.99 discount for an on-line purchase from VZW’s website, so the final
bill for the upgrade was: $0, nada, zip, free.

I changed over my service to the new phone this evening, moved over my
address book and played with some of the features.  There are a
lot more features packed into this little clam shell that I haven’t
yet tried out, including setting of ring tones from MP3 files, movies, address book pictures and of
course the blue tooth capabilities. 

My wife suggested that I
download a song that is very British (since I am one) and set it as my
ring tone. 🙂

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