Canon SD200

I am now a proud owner of a new Canon SD200 ELF digital camera. My old
workhorse Canon S10 has eaten it’s way through two lithium batteries (I
get about 10 shots on a full charge), is out of date by today’s
standards and is also like a brick. My new 3.2 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom SD200 is about the size of a
deck of cards, has better battery technology, has a large LCD screen, can save movies and is just so darn cute.

I picked up my unit for under $300 at Best Buy. I managed to get a
256MB SD card to replace the very small 16MB card that the SD200 ships

I’m not normally one for subscribing to Best Buy’s service plan, but
this time I signed up for $50 because it included 4 free batteries
after the first year of the camera’s life. Lithium batteries are
anywhere from $40, in since I’ve gone through two with my S10 I thought
it a worthy purchase.