Album Art and ID3_V2

I have been messing with my music collection today (in my lunch hour of
course). I spent time making sure that each MP3 and WMA file in my
collection contains the correct song title, artist name, and album
title (where possible) ID3v2
tags. I also went through the painstaking effort of adding rankings to
each song title; so I could play all my favorite 5 star rated files from the
auto play list in Windows Media Player.

I have a complete copy of my music collection on my home network, as
well as at the office, and I have rigged up my Media Center
to play the
lot. It works really well, MCE picks up all my play lists and enables me
to thumb through my collection by album, artist of title. What’s
missing is the album art. When at the office I’m typically listening to
music while writing software, and the only picture I’m looking at is
Visual Studio.
However, when at home, I’m pumping the sounds through my stereo TV (as
well as my sub woofer) and the MCE screen displays the default logo for
the album info of each track played. Of course, I can always turn on
visualizations if I want a pretty picture, but I’d much rather see the
album cover of the song I’m listening to.

I checked the Internet for plug-ins for Windows Media Player and MCE
2005 to download and display album art but I didn’t exactly find what
I’m looking for. I’m looking for some software that will use at least
the artist name and title of a song to retrieve missing information from Once the album name has
been determined, the software should contact an on-line store, such as, and download the album art before adding it as an ID3v2 tag.

I think I’ll be searching for a long while before an application or
plug-in becomes available to perform what I describe above. So, I
figure I can write an application myself. It shouldn’t be too difficult
to pull out ID3v2 tag information from MP3 and WMA files, and provides examples to search and download song information.
provides a web service to download album cover art (they do for books,
so I’m hoping they do for CDs). I’ll need to embed some logic in my app
for tracks in my collection that are missing album titles and belong to
multiple albums. The rest should be fairly simple to implement.

Watch this blog to see if I succeed in my plan……

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  1. Thomas Hawk

    <br>Your plan to write a program which can pull meta data for mp3 tags is desperately needed. Ideally one should be able to highlight an album title in WMP 10 and have WMP 10 go out to AMG to pull all of the current metadata and update the tracks accordingly.
    <br>You might want to offer similar functionality in Microsoft Explorer under a folder based approach as well.
    <br>There has to be an easier way to correct meta data than the tedius and manual approach of changing them all with the advanced tag editor in WMP. Even when this is done though and you correct the song titles, album, and artist, much of the remaining less significant meta data, (composer, genre etc.) is still not updated.
    <br>One thought would be that once given an album title, the plug in would be smart enough to match the song lengths with the actual songs and even rewrite the song title correctly for badly labled music as well as updating all of the meta data.
    <br>Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. http://

    Doesn’t WMP 10 already do what you want? Click Options, then the Library tab, then check &quot;Retreive additional information from the Internet&quot;, then &quot;Only add missing information&quot;.

  3. http://

    <br>Im searching for a plugin that would show album art in WMP 10 library. Like it does show in &quot;now playing&quot; -window. It&#180;s such a bummer that album art feature is not in WMP&#180;s library even tough exlorer and &quot;now playing&quot; shows it. iTunes shows album art when album or song is clicked. I hope this feature is added to WMP 11. Well i think this was not your concern but i tought writing anyway.. 🙂
    <br>There&#180;s also a album art fixer in

  4. http://

    Seems like the original request was to have a program to auto insert the picture into the ID3V2 tag. I for one hope you succed I too have alot of art work but need them added to the tag.
    <br>Although media player does download the image art to the mp3 directory and correct title, artist, album and extra text fields it doesn’t seem to add the art to the mp3tag. ID#Tagit 3 is a fine editor and will let you manually add the art work.
    <br>Album Art Fixer will also find the art but requires manual work.
    <br>By the way WMP10 will let you see the album art Just choose visualations Album art

  5. http://

    Try MediaMonkey. I’m not an expert user, but it will query Amazon, download the artwork, and add it to the ID3v2 tags. This seems to be half of what you want. It’s also great for editting ID tags manually. I’ve spent a lot of time searching, and I really want to like WMP, but MediaMonkey looks like what media player should have been.
    <br>Greg Woods

  6. http://

    A plugin for WMP for freedb and album art would be a great idea,to access Free db from WMP / Media center is a desparatly needed option,
    <br>Please make this happen, I have no programing skills so you only have my support!!
    <br>Looking forward to what comes, J G

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