Converted to Firefox

I never thought I’d see the day in which I said “I’m switching from Internet Explorer”, but today it happened.

My friend Anton showed me the delights of FireFox, and after dealing with a recent attack of malware and spyware, downloaded through IE, I decided to give it a shot.

first thing that is great about FireFox is the use of tabbed browsing.
Yes, there are plug-ins available for IE but it’s nice to use a browser
that has them built in. I was next shown the extensive list of
extension plug-ins available for the Gecko based browser and was rather
impressed with how many useful downloads on the list I’d want.

appears to be much better in FireFox than IE. My blogs website loads
much quicker, almost instantaneously, compared to a 2 second pause in

Google searching is built in, no need for addition of G’s toolbar or Tweak UI.

all, the biggest reason for my switch to FireFox is because of malware
and spyware. Each site I’ve visited on the subject has suggested to not
use IE, or to run a collection of registry hacks that lock it down. The
security options alone in IE are vastly complicated, and there are so
many of them that it’s hard to keep track of which settings should be
applied for optimum protection. FF’s settings are simple and effective.

I’m not done playing just yet, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve seen.

3 thoughts on “Converted to Firefox

  1. Chris Hynes

    How fast is Firefox to load, compared to IE? Last time I tested, IE loads almost instantly, while Firefox takes 2-4 seconds. That, combined with the flaky feel a XUL based interface generally gives, are two big reasons I don’t use Firefox on a regular basis.
    <br>Also important is that Firefox, while the most &quot;standards compliant&quot; browser, makes no effort to render non standards compliant content. I understand the idea as a software engineer, but as a user, I just want it to work. IE just works — no if’s, and’s, or but’s.
    <br>I have never had issues with spyware or malware in IE, so that issue is moot to me as well.
    <br>Another Gecko (not Moz) based browser I’ve tried is k-meleon (<a target=”_new” href=””></a&gt;). It fixes the speed issue, because it’s all native windows. It loads fast and renders faster. Because it’s not &quot;cross-platform&quot; and XUL and all those buzzwords, it doesn’t have as big of a following, either in users or developers, so it tends to be less known, and have less features. For rapid browsing, though, it does quite well.

  2. Rob Garrett

    Firefox 1.0 seems to load really quickly. In all honestly, there isn’t much difference in speed between the browsers, although my blog does load quicker with FF. After using FF for a day and a half I’m impressed with the general experience, now this maybe &quot;new browser&quot; syndrome kicking in, so we’ll see where I am in a week.
    <br>FF does have a problem with the gallery in .TEXT, it doesn’t render too well at all. So I installed IE view, which enables me to launch an IE window from FF with one right click.
    <br>Yes, IE does work pretty well. I’ve used it as my main browser for years, but I just cannot get over how complex the options are in IE.
    <br>So far I’m still mesmerized, time will tell the tale as to whether I’ll remain converted.

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