Ratings Powertoy for WMP9/10

So, you’ve spent a lot of effort adding ratings to the media files in your media library in Windows Media Player. You later decide to move all your content to another workstation/server and realize that all the ratings are lost in the transition.

WMP Ratings are stored in a database stashed away in your Windows profile. Simply moving the media files to another machine is not enough to migrate the ratings. The database is a binary file and contains links to the physical location of media files. Thus, copying the database over to a new machine will not suffice.

Fortunately there is now a way to transition your ratings, using the Ratings Migration Powertoy. This handy tool installs as a plug-in into WMP9/10 and will copy the ratings from your profile to the physical WMA/MP3 files. Once migrated, the rating information can be extracted from the files and added to a new database in your profile.


4 thoughts on “Ratings Powertoy for WMP9/10

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    Ratings Powertoy will not work in Windows Medai Player 10. Do you have a workaround.
    <br>Frank Browning

  2. Rob Garrett

    I am using the power toy with WMP 10, and it works fine with WMA files. The tool does not save the rating information to MP3 files, so if I move my library to another machine I loose all the ratings. I have considered writing a tool of my own that saves the ratings to an external file, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  3. http://

    Sorry it took so long to get back. Thanks for answering my question about the powertoy. ALL of my files are in MP3 format, so I am still hunting for a workaround to use in WMP10.
    <br>Frank Browning

  4. Rob Garrett

    Ah, yes, perhaps I should get going on a tool to save the ratings…. Drop me an email to rob@robgarrett.com and I’ll give you a heads up once I have completed it (don’t hold out hope for it to be done in the next few days though). Meanwhile, I’ll look around and see if someone else has already solved this issue.

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